• My first steps into publishing  I started at the age of 9. I sold a neighborhood newspaper in our hood, which resembled a red flag more than anything else. That’s why I will probably keep it under wraps till the day I die.
  • My professional career as a journalist and writer started 2003. As an intern at a local newspaper (Klein Zeitung).
  • Still at school I started working as a journalist for a youth-project called „Slash“. 
  • 2004 I published a school magazine of which whereabouts nobody knows a thing (so there still must be some copies around)
  • My professional career as fulltime journalist I started 2005 as a so called steady-freelancer at the Kleine Zeitung – this career lasted till 2011.
  • Redaktor (sic!) & Blogger for Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) in Zürich, Switzerland in Summer 2010. Active blogger years: 2010 and 2011.
  • 2008: Founder of „aufmuken.at“, the first online magazine about the Carinthian university and its students.
  • 2014: Founder of Helden-von-heute.at, a online magazine/blog portraying the everyday heroes.
  • Since 2016: Guest author for magazines like GMX, T3N, web.de…

Author and Writer

  • It all started by winning a university course from Robert Musil-Experte Prof. Dr. Walter Fanta
  • 2011: Wrote a live-novel on facebook. It was called „Echtzeit-Verzögert“. The fans were in charge of how the story continued.
  • From 2012 to 2014: I wrote a 400 (not)pageturner which will never be published (and reading through those lines these days I know why). But I wrote another book which took me many years to finish (not due to its complexity but because I just wasn’t interested in finishing) – but will be published in 2020.
  • 2017: „Public Relations sind keine Zauberei“ – PR manual which already served well for many of my workshop participants and clients.
  • 2019: „Der Content-Coach“. Big, fat content manual which was published by the famous Springer-Gabler in Germany.


  • 241 Songs (english and german) between 2002 till today (March 2022)