Consultant & Storyteller

How to spot a story, to create and tell it – that’s something you can learn. Technically. But the passion and the talent you can’t. Both must be fueled by an inner urge.

I’ve no time for silence!

I weave and tell stories:

  • …as Content-Coach and PR-Consultant.
  • …as an editor/journalist.
  • …as blogger.
  • …as songwriter.
  • …as writer of books, whitepapers, scripts, short stories, novels.
  • …as developer of ad-campaigns, slogans, copywriter, as content strategist and much more.

In the end a story depends on its audience. It’s far more important whom you tell the story than how many are listening. Because a good story will be retold many, many times. A bad story goes down unheard.