My story: Who I am and what I do.

I am a musician, content coach and design thinker, communication consultant and writer. Master’s degree in Media and Communication Studies. Since 2005 I have constantly been working in the field of media- and communications. I started as a journalist, worked in Klagenfurt, Graz and Zurich (NZZ). Later I focused on communication consulting an PR.


Since 2012/2013 I am managing partner and shareholder of Bieche & Partner GmbH. We are a successful family business and in the game (of communication and pr) for more than 25 years now – offering coaching, training, content, consulting.


I help people to build their brands, strategies, improve content and communication, creating new ideas and developing concepts and strategies. I help to get the attention. For local and global firms in the banking industry, real estate business, media companies, publishers, pharmaceutical companies and IT.

Always following my slogan: Break the rules. Today!

The breaking of rules must be something inherent in my character, because I do this since a very young age. As in elementary school, first grade, when I skipped the first two weeks because I rather enjoyed exploring the city than sitting on a uncomfortable chair. Much to the disgust of my parents and teachers.But obviously, today, I benefit from my desire to keep my freedom. As consultant and communication manager this kind of freestyle-manner is something which my clients are craving for. They want someone who’s a libertine, who can overview their business from a different angle and from the position of a new client.