About Florian Schauer-Bieche

My story: Who I am and what I do.

I am content coach and design thinker, communication consultant and writer. Master’s degree in Media and Communication Studies. Since 2005 I have constantly been working in the field of media- and communications. I started as a journalist, worked in Klagenfurt, Graz and Zurich (NZZ). Later I focused on communication consulting an PR.


Since 2012 I am managing partner and shareholder of Bieche & Partner GmbH. We are a successful family business, in the game for more than 21 years now – offering coaching, training, content, consulting.


I help people to build their brands, increase sales, improve content and communication, creating new ideas and developing concepts and strategies. I help to get the attention. For local and global firms in the banking industry, real estate business, media companies, publishers, pharmaceutical companies and IT.


When I was a kid I wanted to be a rockstar. Today? I’m content coach, entrepreneur and consultant. Always following my slogan: Break the rules. Today!


The breaking of rules must be something inherent in my character, because I do this since a very young age. As in elementary school, first grade, when I skipped the first two weeks because I rather enjoyed exploring the city than sitting on a uncomfortable chair. Much to the disgust of my parents and teachers.

My desire: freedom and independence

But obviously, today, I benefit from my desire to keep my freedom. As consultant this kind of freestyle-manner is something which my clients are craving for. They want someone who’s a libertine, who gives a shit about structures and says what comes to his mind.

So now, instead of being pelted with panties I’m battered with questions like „Can you get me more attention for my brand?“ or „Can you develop the best story for our next big ad?“.


My groupies: CEOs, entrepreneurs, corporates. My perfomance: Create, tell and sell! So in total, not that far away from a rockstar I guess 😉